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Do you think in a same way?

My friend bought a house, i want to buy a house too.

Has your friend recently bought a property and you are taking advice from him/her?  Thinking s/he know all?

Common, your friend is having a feeling of getting 8 packs after walking out of Gym for the first day or the same feelings like a superhero after walking out of a theater watching spider man or recently released Salman Khan’s Sultan!

I highly recommend everyone to go and talk to your close once, while seeking or before finalising a property but please do not blindly or 100% trust them by understimulating some experts advice. I am not saying you’re close once will give you wrong advice either but the advise they are giving might not be suitable for you. In short, I have written few points below please go through them why you should not blindly trust them ( we will discuss in details while meeting ).
Please match:
a) Your income and their income
b) Your deposit amount and their deposit amount.
c) Your current job & location AND their.
d) Your number of family members and their
e) Your future plans and their
f)  Your expensive patterns and their
g) Your Liabilities and their
h) Your credit file condition and their.
If above all points are almost same then perhaps you can make a joint decision.
I am writing this from my personal experience. Recently 2 friends bought off the plan unit in Lidcombe. Sad thing is that one friend can easily settle(this is good) BUT  other has decided to put it back on the market for resell because he could not get finance because of 3-4 reasons, at last, they approached me but i also had to say, ” i wish i could do something for you but I am extremely sorry”. 
Note: if you have bought off the plan please start your loan preparation, at least 2 months ahead.
Disclaimer: This is just our thoughts and personal experiences, it might not be happened or suit every individual. Please take this as a general information and seek professional and proper advice.

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